Advanced Riding prepares you for riding on the busy and dangerous roads in the UK. It will teach you how to get the best from your motorcycle - safely. It will also make you quicker, from knowing where it is safe and appropriate to use speed.

Being an Advanced Rider will make you more aware of road hazards, better able to handle situations and generally feel more relaxed about your riding. The skills become instinctive, making you a quicker, safer rider. It also increases the enjoyment you get from riding, knowing your skills are that much better honed.

Advanced Riding is based upon the latest IAM publication, How to be a better rider which details the System of Advanced Motorcycle Control.

We can advise riders how to be smoother, safer and to ride with more enjoyment. Unlike commercial organisations we have no vested interest in training you up quickly; we will ensure that you achieve the highest possible levels of skills.

 How Long Will it Take?

The course of observed runs usually lasts for around 10 weeks, at approximately 2½hrs per session. This is just a guide and some Associates may require more or less runs to achieve test standard.

What Happens on Observed Runs?

An Observer will provide feedback and guidance on your observed rides, which will help you prepare for the Advanced Test. The Observer will explain, discuss and, if necessary, demonstrate each aspect of the advance riding techniques.

However, you must go out and practice between each session and study the associated theory to get the full benefit. The old adage of ‘you only get out what you put in’ certainly holds true for advanced riding.

What's covered

Road positioning for observation and safety 

Cornering skills 


Observation skills - identifying hazards 

Motorcycle control - acceleration, braking and slow speed riding 

The correct and safe use of speed - making progress 

Machine sympathy - being 'in tune' with your bike 

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