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It will take between three and six months to complete our Advanced Rider Course, which is taken on your own bike with a local group close to you. Courses differ slightly in the way they’re delivered so check your local group to find out exactly how they do it. But all our groups include trained volunteers who’ll take you on a number of observed rides before you take the test. Please note that some of our groups may ask for a contribution to the fuel costs of your observer. This varies from group to group and not all request a charge. The contribution may vary from £5 to £20 per session.


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IAM RoadSmart analyses multiple issues and viewpoints when considering ways to improve road safety, not least those of its, 92,000 members. Human factors are one of these – how the driver (or rider) interacts with the journey, the vehicle and the external world – as highlighted by the 2016 government report on road casualties: “All accidents have a cause and that cause is often someone making a mistake or exhibiting dangerous or thoughtless road behaviour”.