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Advanced Driving Courses for 17-25 year olds

£149  - refunded in full on successful completion

Sponsors: IAM, Drivewise, Volvo Clelands, Scottish Borders Council

Who is eligible?

Any driver under 26 years of age, normally resident in the Borders, who holds a full UK driving licence and has no driving related court proceedings pending.

What does it cost?

At the end of the day the cost is zero. You must pay for the IAM “Advanced Driving” coarse at a cost of £149, but it is refunded on passing the Advanced Driving Test at the end of the process. The pass rate so far has been close to 100%.

How long will the scheme run?

No end date has been set

When do these courses take place?

Throughout the year. Check the DriveWise website for the current timetable.

How likely is it that I will pass the test?

At the time of writing, almost every driver we have put through the scheme has passed first time  

I don't have a high performance car - is that a problem?

Absolutely not. This is about high-performance driving, not high-performance cars. All you need is a roadworthy car capable of attaining and sustaining the national speed limit.

Is the test much like the 'l' test?

Not really. The examiner will be a Police Advanced Driver, trained as an IAM examiner and will do his best to set you at your ease. He will be hoping to pass you, not looking to fail you and the test will be more like two driving enthusiasts enjoying an hour's run on interesting roads. At the end of the test, if you meet the required standard, he will tell you that you will be recommended for IAM Full Membership. He will also give you some useful feedback and suggestions to further improve your driving.

You haven't answered the question I had in mind - how do I find out more?

Contact our Course Coordinator. We can also arrange a demo drive by one of our Observers which is often the best way of answering your questions - and showing you that we're most certainly NOT a bunch of cloth-capped pipe-smoking fuddy-duddies who crawl around everywhere at 45 mph!!

What do I get?

* A half-day intensive, Interactive, Advanced Theory session followed by half a day of practical work

* Free coaching to (at least) Advanced Test standard spread over a further 3 full-day weekly sessions. This is similar to the process for all who sign up to this Advanced Driving Course but thanks to Borders DriveWise sponsorship, at the end of the process as well as receiving your Test Pass certificate, the cost of purchasing the course will be refunded to you or whoever purchased the course for you.

* Associate membership of the IAM for one year, which converts to Full membership on passing the test

* The test fee is included

* Membership of Borders Group of Advanced Motorists for one year      

* A superb Advanced Driving handbook

* Immediate access to a range of benefits and after passing the test most drivers are eligible for significant insurance premium discounts.